De_Subzero – FMPONE is back with a new CSGO Map

Known for his famous map Cache in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, FMPONE is a map designer and creator for CSGO, as well as an active Reddit user.   Now he is back, posting to Reddit regarding his new map titled de_subzero.  From just the name, you can gather that the map is arctic-theme based.

From the Steam Workshop Page, FMPONE states that the map is a bomb defusal map set at the North Pole,” and that “the infamous Arctic Avengers have returned, determined to destroy a vital naval base.”

Back in the days of some of the earliest Counter-Strike, like Counter-Strike 1.6, you would always see players using the Arctic Player Model.  When selecting your team in Counter-Strike 1.6, you would choose between Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorist team.  After that, they actually gave you the option to choose your player model, and let me tell you that the arctic model was one of the most popular chosen skins.

Now, the same model isn’t seen in the game, but FMPONE is here to change that by bringing arctic map de_subzero to life.


Check out the screenshots below from the steam workshop page, and be sure to Subscribe to and give 5 starts to de_subzero!

Also take a look at the YouTube video from 3kliksphilip and FMPONE. Stated in the video, FMPONE has done a great job optimizing the map.  A lot of work has been put into the map as they’ve gone through hundreds of iterations.

FMPONE gives a big THANK YOU to:, Utopia, PenE, Will2k, Volcano, The community and of course check out the SUBZERO lore website:

Also recently tweeted by FMPONE is the release of the Wingman map named KILLHOUSE.

And he also updated de_cache to be compatible with the wingman mode!  FMPONE is on fire with updates.

Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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