Fortnite: How much does each weapon really do? Now you know with these charts

Courtesy of Reddit users Xilixir and zrsp, we now get to see these awesome damage charts for Fortnite weapons.  The above photo tells us the damage values from different leveled ARs, Semi-ARs, and Scars.  Very useful information for a player starting out.

However, if you’re a little more experienced and feel like diving in deeper, check out Xilixir’s google doc below.  We took a screenshot for you, but you can check out the chart here.


The spreadsheet uses Fire Rate, Mag Size, Reload Time, Multiplier, Damage (Body), Damage (Head,) DPS (Body,) DPS (Head), Shots/Kill Avg (Body), and Shots/Kill Avg (Head).  DPS is calculated by multiplying the Fire Rate with Damage to Body.

Bolt, Auto Sniper, and Pump

For those who don’t already know, the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is potentially the most powerful weapon in the game.  You may have noticed players and streamers leaving behind that yellow, Legendary Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, and you wonder.. why!?  It is legendary!  But check out the chart above.  Not only does the Bolt Action do more damage to the head (290 damage) it also does at least 105 damage to the body with only a rare rifle.  Meanwhile, the legendary Auto Sniper does 66 to the body!

Obviously the downfall of the Bolt is the fact that you can only fire it once before having to reload.  This is valuable time where an Auto Sniper can get off 3-4 shots.   This same concept is evident in the shotguns in the game.  The double action was recently nerfed because it was removing the disadvantage of the gun; high damage, long reload speed.  When players double pumped, they didn’t have to “reload” or pump their gun, and were able to achieve some insane things.

In the chart above, the Pump shotgun is capable of doing over 237 damage to a players head and 1 shotting them even if they have 100 shield and 100 health.  Meanwhile, the Epic tactical reaches 185 damage to the head.  Epic tactical reaches 277 DPS to the head, while the Green pump reaches 166.  Glad to see the pump losing in 1 category, however, if you are good at hitting head shots with the pump, its still the best choice.

What do you think about these damage charts? Is everything spread evenly/fairly?


Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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