New vehicles for Fortnite Battle Royale?

1 Month ago, a Reddit user created a thread titled Petition to make the shopping carts in Retail Row movable. Imagine the possibilities, but was greeted with mixed opinions from the community.

Another thread was created, reading Fortnite Dev Says No Vehicles Are Coming As Game Passes 40 Million Downloads, and gets a comment from Epic Games Employee and Reddit user EpicEricSW, seen below

The most  “vehicle” like item in the game is the launch pad, where with enough height can gain you the most distance in the game.  Not exactly a vehicle, but it seems like Epic doesn’t want to introduce any long distance vehicles, and in our opinion, that would ruin the game.

One item we would love to see in the battle royale is the Hoverboard. Already useable in Save the World, the hoverboard would allow for new movement meant for short distances.  We could see the hoveboard being a legendary item, 1 step above the launch pad, but would take up an inventory slot like a weapon.  Imagine casting your hoverboard and jumping from house to house, escaping or attacking enemies.

Epic games has made it clear that they don’t want items meant for “driving.”  Therefor these items must only last, for example, 20 seconds.

EpicEricSW mentioned “vehicles that could provide unique/hilarious functionality” which doesn’t quite describe the hoverboards, because those would be badass.

A “vehicle” with unique / hilarious functionality currently see in the game is the rocket launcher which allows for some extreme rocket riding provided you’re skilled enough to pull it off.  Again not quite a vehicle but may be what Epic Games has in mind for future introduction of vehicles to the Fortnite Battle Royale.

However, game files show that there indeed will be some type of shopping cart added to the game:

What could the shopping cart be like?  Other files hint at animations for pushing the cart forwards, while others say braking, and riding.  Could it be two players needed to push the cart?  Who knows, maybe these files are for a new limited time game mode.  We won’t really know until we get an official announcement, and be sure you’ll hear from us when we do.

What other types of vehicles could you imagine behind introduced to Fortnite Battle Royale?

The Hoverboard trailer for Save the World can be seen below.



Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

Gaming Editorial is an online publisher of video game & e-sports news, game updates, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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