Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Ends

New game Sea of Thieves has recently reached the streaming community, as it gained a huge audience during its closed beta.  Attracting some of the biggest streamers like shroud and summit1g, Sea of Thieves was streamed to thousands of jealous gamers who couldn’t get access to the beta.


The PVP in this game is very interesting.  You can sail a boat by yourself, but it is suggested to have a crew, as it will make PVP and exploring easier and more fun.  With a crew, you will need someone piloting the boat, someone manning the sales and anchors, someone repairing the inside for any damage to the boat, and maybe even someone in the crows nest to spot out your next target!

You are armed with a sword, pistol, and a scoped rifle. Don’t forget your spyglass to see far distances, and bananas to heal!

Did I forget to mention there are cannons?  Collect cannonballs throughout the world to keep on your ship, and get ready to use them against passing boats.  Aim low, as you’re going to want to put holes in the bottom!

Rumor has it that there is a lot more of the game yet to be seen, and hopefully after beta we will see just that.


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