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  • Natus Vincere find themselves $600,000 richer as they take first place in the 2020 Global Final of the Blast Premier CSGO Tournament, taking down Astralis.

    Natus Vincere — $600,000
    Astralis — $200,000 […]

  • The February Fortnite Crew is here. Subscribe to the Fortnite Crew to receive monthly v-buck rewards as well as player skins, pickaxes, and back bling! Each month the Fortnite Crew grows and v-bucks continue to […]

  • Epic Games has announced that the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) 2021 will feature a $20 million prize pool and will allow both PC and console players to compete against each other.

    We’ve got a meaty blog p […]

  • Exchange your extra building materials for some nice loot at the (soon to come) Fortnite Battle Royale vending machines.  We first saw the vending machine in a Reddit thread where a player had experienced a weird […]

  • League of Legends player and Team Liquid member Doublelift recently wrote on Twitter that his older brother attacked his mother and father with a knife, where the mother has now passed away and his father is […]

  • Popular CS:GO caster Sadokist has now been temporarily banned from Twitch after he was heard saying the n-word, and telling another play they should “jump off a cliff..”

    UPDATE: Sadokist has now released his […]

  • Reddit user translates random controller vibration “bug” in to morse-code, revealing a hidden message, seen below:
    “So, I was quite intrigued by why the random controller vibration was occurring on consoles, […]

  • Recently Reddit has been speculating that a comet is going to crash down in Fortnite Battle Royale. Reddit user Niccorazi-_- posted this photo of a comet in the sky.

    UPDATE: Reddit user translates random co […]

  • Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, North American CS:GO player for Cloud9 recently announced on Twitter that he is going inactive in CSGO.

    Currently inactive with csgo, the future is uncertain and that is all guys thank […]

  • All images created by Reddit user thesquatingdog
    Week 1

    Week 2

    Week 3

    Week 4

    Week 5

    Week 6

  • Another challenge sends you out to solve the location and earn the 10 battle stars.  This time they want you to head to location E7 on the map.

    The map is courtesy of Reddit user thesquatingdog

  • Screen Shot of Week 6 Challenges:

    This week it looks like you’ll be spending most of your time dropping in at Anarchy Acres and Retail Row, followed by navigating the Mountain Peaks with explosive weapons […]

  • Check out this clip of rocket riding a new guided missile from Fortnite Battlye Royale.

  • ESL announced today that they will be bringing CS:GO back to Brazil June 15-17 in Belo Horizonte for ESL One. 

    We’re bringing CS:GO back to Brazil – announcing #ESLOne Belo Horizonte 2018 […]

  • For only $5 you can buy the Fortnite Battle Royale Start Pack, which includes 600 V-bucks (already worth the $5) as well as the Rogue Agent Skin outfit with the Catalyst Back Bling.

    Open up the game and […]

  • Coming Soon we will see the Guided Missile in Fortnite Battle Royale.  The most recent explosive item added was the Remote C4, which in my opinion fell very short.  Sure, the occasional C4 bait kill is fun, or m […]

  • After rumors of Flamie and S1mple going to SK fell through, we’re now catching wind of another possible buyout in CS:GO.
    North American and Cloud9 player Stewie2k, who has recently won NAs first Major Tournament, […]

  • Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine and the popular Fortnite, are now showing off their next generation digital humans at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

    Meet Siren, a high-fidelity, […]

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