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Rumors of SK and Na’Vi swapping players – CS:GO

March 22, 2018

Recently some players of SK Gaming haven’t been up to par with the others.  According to Reddit, a change of players may be made between SK and Na’Vi. Which players might you ask?  It’s simple. No, really, it’s s1mple and flamie.  Arguably the two best players on Na’Vi, there have been rumors they would go to SK Gaming, replacing TACO and Boltz. That would make the new SK Gaming lineup: Fallen Coldzera fer s1mple flamie Now I don’t know about you, but that is a team I do not want to go up against. Keith M.

Sea Of Thieves is a big disappointment

March 21, 2018

Don’t get me wrong, the concept, art,  and game in general is definitely cool, but many players feel that the game fell flat on its release date.  Why?  Well, because rumor had it that the closed beta was only 10% of the actual game, and that once released we’d see loads of new features and content. Didn’t happen. At least not yet. Twitch Streamer @Lirik played the game during the closed beta, and also streamed it to the an audience of tens of thousands, just to show the same game play as a few months ago.  Sure, its fun, but its repetitive, and there isn’t much else to do. Sea of Thieves is the game I want to like so bad, play so much of, but…

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Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Ends

February 26, 2018

New game Sea of Thieves has recently reached the streaming community, as it gained a huge audience during its closed beta.  Attracting some of the biggest streamers like shroud and summit1g, Sea of Thieves was streamed to thousands of jealous gamers who couldn’t get access to the beta. Exotic islands. Hidden treasures. Riddles, battles and shanties. The essential pirate experience. “Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you’ll encounter other crews… but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?” The idea behind the game is to travel and explore dozens of islands, looking for treasure and solving riddles.  Beware of…

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Mousesports Win StarSeries Season 4

February 26, 2018

Mousesports went up against Na’Vi this weekend in an intense match up featuring some of the best Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players in the world. Na’Vi, featuring players like s1mple and electronic, had a good start on the first map Overpass. Mirage however somehow made it to not only one, but two overtimes as Mousesports was able to secure the second map.  Moving in to the third map, Mousesports T side proved too strong as they ended the half at 11 to 4, and finally won the championship 16 to 9. .@mousesports are the champions of StarSeries i-League Season 4! Congratulations!#csgo #cssltv #StarSeriesS4 — StarLadder CS:GO (@cssltv) February 25, 2018 Team Liquid was able to secure third place in a decider match against FaZe. Keith M.


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