What is an Editorial? How it works

What is an Editorial?

Its simple, an editorial is an article that gives your opinion.  So, what does that make Gaming Editorial? Anything you want.

Join us and begin your editorial career in video game and e-sport writing.  Sign up, create an account, and begin creating your own editorials. Your editorials will be submitted for review, and then posted to your profile and our user created content pages.

Why Should I Write on Gaming Editorial?

Do you enjoy writing? Video games? There are careers in e-sport journalism waiting for you! Unless you’ve written for other websites in the past, your portfolio and resume may not be up to par.

The community at Gaming Editorial all share one interest, and that is sharing our opinions related to gaming.  We like to write about e-sports, new and trending games, game updates, patches, content releases, current events, livestreams and streamers, and just about anything related to gaming.

Create your account and start working on your own editorial pieces.  Use your profile and collection of editorials as your first entry in to the video game journalism career.  Meet other members of the site, read their articles, recommend, favorite, and comment to interact.  We are still in the early stages of our Gaming Editorial vision, but we want you get started creating your own content.

Creating an Editorial

Creating an editorial is easy.  Once logged in, head over to the Create an Editorial Page.  Give your editorial an eye-catching name, and enough content to make it a good read.  Easily add photos and include/embed things like YouTube and Vimeo videos, Twitter tweets, and Instagram links. 

Take advantage of the highlight tool which gives you the ability to highlight words and do things like create external links, lists, quotes, big and small headings (H2-H3), bolded text and more.


Embedding Images, YouTube, Twitter

The most important feature of creating your own editorials is adding external and visual content.  Upload images to go along with your text, as well as referencing tweets, videos, and posts from around the web. Embed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter by pasting just the link in the field, after pressing the insert media buttons.



Featured Image, Categories, and Tags

Once you’ve made your post, select which categories best fit your editorial.  Note: Editorials that are submitted with every category selected, or blatantly incorrect categories will not be approved.

Click on the Edit image in the top right corner.


Select the categories.  If you don’t see a category for your post, the best you can do is create a tag for it, and then submit the Category Request Form for us to add it.


And thats it! Once you Submit for Review, a Gaming Editorial admin will quickly review your post and approve it to your page.  Once approved, it will show up on your profile under your My Editorials.

You can always take the post back out to Draft mode, but we suggest not doing that once your post has been approved!  You will have to re-submit the post for approval if you do so.  If it is still pending review, feel free to edit it and re-submit the editorial.

Share your content

After your editorials are approved, definitely think about sharing your new content.  Sharing it on different social media platforms will gain your editorials more views. When we notice an article doing well, we will even feature it on our homepage and share it across social media.

Start creating a portfolio of gaming editorials as reference and proof you’re capable of working in the video game and e-sports industries.  

Written by people who play the games.

Begin your journey and start writing. Build your portfolio.