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Why Balance is Important in Games

Written by Noah
About a week ago I purchased Slay the Spire from…

The Untapped Potential Of Superhero Games

Last week saw the release of Avengers: Infinity War…

Reveal: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Before I delve deeper into this article I must…

Welcome to Rainbow Six

For my first editorial, I wanted to write about…

Devil May Cry: Jackpot baby!

Credited to PlatinumParagon Devil May cry is a hack…

God Of War: A Glorious Return

(Credit picture to There comes a time when a…

God of War: Taking a Glance at…

Friday will finally see the highly anticipated return of…

The Death of Local Co-op

Local cooperative video games are slowly disappearing, but aren’t…

Overwatch: Does it really deserve such praise?

Photo credit to Nesskain on DeviantArt I know that…

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