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360 hunting rifle by @Ninja

As always @Ninja is back to impress. Teaming up with @DrLupoOnTwitch to create a rocket riding, 360 no…

Search between a Pool, Umbrella, and Windmill

Can you decode the location?  Another Fortnite Challenge requires you to figure out where exactly is between a Pool,…

Fortnite: How to Dance in Forbidden Locations

NO DANCING! Check out the tip below for how to complete Dancing in Forbidden Locations!  Don’t forget to stand…

Fortnite V.3.1.0 Patch! New “Lucky Landing” zone, Hunting Rifle Added

Fortnite has now released their V.3.1.0 Patch! Patch notes can be found here! Lucky Landing Zone Lucky Landing…

“Reviving the lazy way”

You’ve got to love those impulse grenades. So far we’ve seen streamers like Ninja using them to land…

Fortnite Adds Twitch Prime Pack and Hunting Rifle

Get exclusive Fortnite loot by linking your Epic Games account, or start a twitch prime free trial!

“I guess he didn’t see that air drop of death…

Launching on to the top of an airdrop balloon with impulse grenades? Why not.

Putting the Impulse Grenades to Use

Oh, and don’t forget about the flying no scope. Keith M.

Fortnite to add Jetpack to Battle Royale

Yep, you heard it right. Jetpacks are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale and we couldn't be any more…

Fortnite – New Season – New Patch

A new season kills double pump, brings new skins and new building mechanics
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