DrDisrespect and CodeRed $20,000 Apex Legends Tournament

Tune in to the $20,000 Apex Legends Tournament held by DrDisrespect and CodeRed this Friday, February 15th at 1pm PST!

What: $20,000 Apex Legends Tournament
When: Today, February 15th 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT.

Live Stream

You can watch the live stream on the EsportsArena Twitch Channel seen below:

Watch live video from EsportsArena on


BoomTV has announced some of the streamers which will be playing in the tournament.  Check out some of them below:

1. @summit1g
2. @JoshOG
3. @BuhhbyeTV
1. @Ninja
2. @KingRichard
3. @dizzfila
1. @NickEh30
2. @Ghost_Enzo
3. @Avxry

1. @chocoTaco
2. @THEvsnz
3. @HusKerrs
1. @DrDisrespect
2. @TSMViss
3. @RealKraftyy
‏1. @Liquid_Rogue
2. @Trainwreckstv
3. @LyndonFPS

Announcement Video

We just saw the first half of the TwitchRivals $200,000 Apex Legends tournament which took place February 12th, and will continue on the 19th. Rumor has it the Code Red and DrDisrepect Tournament will be very, very different from the TwitchRivals format, which involved dropping in to public games and hunting for kills to gain points. Not the best tournament layout, so hopefully this tournament is different.

Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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