Fortnite New Season 7, Week 1 Challenges & Cheat Sheet Map

Note: Challenges are now out!

Introducing the brand new Season 7, Week 1 Challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale!  These challenges officially release tomorrow, Thursday, December 6th!  Downtime for the Season 7 Content Update begins at 4am ET, and we assume challenges will unlock at 9am ET as usual! Check out the (soon to come) Week 1 Challenge Cheat Sheet/Map which will help complete the first week of Season 7 challenges!

Week 1, Season 7 Challenges


Battle Pass

Season 7 will have a snowy, cold theme.  Rumor has it we will see large, snow covered biomes within the Fortnite Battle Royale map.  Hopefully the new Week 1 challenges will embrace the changes around the map.  We’re hoping for fewer repetitive challenges, and more creative ones that allow players to genuinely search the map.

We see from the 3 leaked Season 7 teaser photos that it will most definitely be frost themed, and players are speculating whether or not we will be able to ski, snowboard, or drive snow mobiles.  As you can see, each teaser is a zoomed in version of the smaller image “hidden” in each photo..

Epic Games | Season 7 Teaser #1

Epic Games | Season 7 Teaser #2

Epic Games | Season 7 Teaser #3

Which tells us that the last teaser photo will be one of that airplane you see in the above photo.

It just turns out that a screen shot of an airplane vehicle in the recently announced Fortnite Creative mode has emerged on Reddit.

Airplane seen below.

The Airplane is listed right next to the other Vehicles, proving it will be a drive-able (pilot-able) vehicle.

Hopefully we see some new challenges that incorporate skiing, snowboarding, or airplanes!

The community has expressed their negative feelings towards the challenges with multiple stages, since you must join a new game to complete each stage.  The majority of the challenges are kill or weapon based, and more of a chore than a challenge.

Check back soon for the updated Week 1 Challenges!

Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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