Fortnite Season 3 Ending April 30th, Possibly Marking End of Tilted Towers

It all started with what we thought was going to be an April fools joke. A comet was found, and morse code plus other hints in the game led us to believe that a comet was inbound to the the D5 area of the map, possibly Tilted Towers.

… — … / -.. / ….. / ….- .—- —..

SOS D 5 418

The addition of Tilted Towers has certainly impacted the game. Players looking for fast action at the start of the game are bound to drop there, and the result is always a bloodbath.  Late game becomes stale because so many players die early.  But I don’t blame them, I go to Tilted too because I would rather get weapons and fight, than land at a random house and auto-run to my next looting spot.

Back to Season 3.  You’ve got until Monday April 30th to get your battle pass to level 100.  If you make it to 100 or are already there, make sure to finish your “John Wick” challenges.  For the next 2 hours (until 8PM EST) you can purchase an upgrade to your battle pass!  For 900 V-BUCKS get +10 tiers, especially if you don’t think you can get to that Robot Dance or John Wick skin in time.

We’ve also seen some leaked skins that suggest Aliens are on their way to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Name: Leviathan. Part of the Space Explorers set.

Description: Call me fishman.

Space explorers? Alright. Something is fishy here.

The comet crashing down on April 30th may be the release of the skin, and we’re expecting it to certainly impact the map.  Will it be Tilted Towers or Loot Lake?

Could this be the best April fools joke ever?  Are we all being trolled?

Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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