Interview with Chris “chrisJ” de Jong of Mousesports, ESL One New York 2018 Champions

Video & Photo Credit: Keith Maloney

In case you missed it, Mousesports and Team Liquid faced off in one of the best Grand Finals New York has ever seen.  While Team Liquid were 4 rounds away from winning it all, Mousesports was able to claw their way back and win map 4, forcing map 5.

They continued to dominate Team Liquid on Mirage, where Chris was able to pull off the play of the tournament: An AWP Ace to force match and Grand Final point. (Scroll down!)

We managed to get a few words with Chris “chrisJ” de Jong before he took the stage for the Grand Final of #ESLOneNewYork and asked him questions about the AWP, the 2018 London Major, and his newest teammate, Snax.

Video & Photo Credit: Keith Maloney

John[GE]: Could you explain the important of the AWP and where it falls in team?

Chris: It really depends on the map. Most maps Oskars the main AWP, but for example Nuke CT side I’m always playing AWP, Oskay will never play AWP there.  Mirage is kind of a toss up on CT side. It depends a bit on the way I decide to play and where [Oskar, Tomáš Šťastný] wants to play. Sometimes he’s not feeling it much, sometimes I’m not feeling it, and the other will just play.

The next day, the in-game leader showed us exactly what he meant.  With momentum on their side after winning the last map, Chris continued to dominate, finally acing Team Liquid to earn match and Grand Final point.

John[GE]: You just attended the London Major and didn’t have much success, going 0-3.  How does it feel now being in a Grand Final, however, against a North American team with a North American crowd?

Chris: I’m really happy to be in the Final again. Its always cool to play in front of a big crowd. It doesn’t matter if the crowds against you or for you, it adds a lot of energy to a match.  Especially considering what we did in the major, it’s really good to bounce back.

John[GE]: What was the transition like when you added Snax to the team? Were there any downfalls or communication issues?

Chris: Obviously we didn’t really play as good as we hoped, and this is the first final we reached. Before we reached twice the semi-final with Snax which is obviously okay, but doing so bad at the major really hurt.. we didn’t expect, and I don’t think anybody expected us to go 0-3.  Its been a bit a harder transition than we’ve expected, but now that we look back at it, it’s quite not logical because Snax played so long on VP, he spoke Polish for so long. It just takes some time to get used to English, and also to, not specifically new spots or anything, but he needs to react differently because our team always played a lot different than VP.  So that took some time but I think we’re on the right way.

John[GE]: Any plans while you’re in New York?

Chris: Winning the Final.

And they did just that.  Mousesports are your ESL One New York 2018 Champions, defeating Team Liquid 3-2, and securing themselves $125,000.

Check back soon to see some of our photos from the event!

Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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Streamer, gamer, and writer.

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