Overwatch: Does it really deserve such praise?

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I know that Overwatch has been out for quite some time but I thought I would chime in and write about this game since it has had time to “air out” so to speak. A short description about the game; Overwatch is a team based first-person hero shooter developed by Blizzard where you get to choose a character and utilize that character’s abilities to win the objective. Overwatch started off as project “Titan” but the idea was later on scrapped. It also carried on some distinct characteristics from other games most notably “Team Fortress”. It has a very colorful cast of characters each with their own backstories.

I will say this.. the game is fun. I will not argue that it isn’t because it is a very addicting experience playing this game due to its innovative play and mechanics. Sometimes I will find myself playing this game for hours and not even know how much time has past. Whether I am “Escorting The Payload” or playing “King Of The Hill”, it is always a enjoyable experience. However, I find that the game is not what everybody says it is.

I will probably get blasted for this but I think this needs to be addressed because I do not think it is not said enough. Despite Blizzard making an enormous profit and selling millions of copies, even moving Overwatch into the E-sports scene…it is not that great of a game. Now obvious enough, this is my own view and I will explain as such as to why I see the game for what it is. Just keep in mind to think outside of the box and to not have tunnel vision when reading this because certain people will get triggered.


The game itself has a lot of plot holes to begin with. There is a story to be told but at the same time there isn’t. Apparently the creation of Overwatch was due to an event called the “Omnic Crisis” that to this day, we have no idea what started it. We do get bits and pieces through the character’s backstories. A crucial one being that of Bastion as he awakens in a forest after what is seemingly years since the event.

To me when I see a story to be told in a game I don’t want it to be told through “half-assed” ways like Destiny was where you had to find it through cards or ghosts found throughout the game.

If you are spending so much time creating a story through the characters themselves but there are so many missing pieces, why bother? Oh and please do not give me that “Oh well that is what gives the game it’s mystique” crap because that does not flow. A game when telling a story, should include all of the details that make the game what it is. You can’t say to me “Well its not story driven, its all about playing the game”. Okay then…but why bother creating one for it? That is a pet peeve of mine about a game, if its got a story going for it you got to complete it and not do these little pieces here and there for the characters. Blizzard come on, you are not Marvel. Get out of here with whatever Phase 1 or 2 you “think” you got going on.  For more info on this topic, here is a link to check out:

Let’s talk about the constant balancing of the game.


The many buffs and nerfs characters get within this game is so asinine, it is beyond words. As an example, Mccree got like 5 nerfs done to him for no reason because they ended up making him what he originally was BEFORE the nerfs. What was the reason behind that? Yet, you buff people like Reaper…really?! If him reloading fully in wraith form was not enough, he soul steals on hits now. He is an absolute beast for no reason. Don’t get me wrong its funny to see a good Reaper take out a team but like really?! Yet other characters get left in the wind.

For example, I have yet to see Widowmaker get a buff like for godsakes decrease her grapple time like why is it 12 seconds?  That’s not ideal for a person who is a sniper that needs to change positions from time to time. To top it all off, Mercy who WAS the main healer was subjected to a countless nerfs to the point she was rendered unplayable. The community kept complaining about her “Rez” because she was able to resurrect a whole team. She was nerfed and then was only able to resurrect one team member and then from there was nerfed further. Now if she gets interrupted while resurrecting, no one gets resurrected. You might as well just take her out of the game at this point. For further detail and how buffs and nerfs better the game or make it worse, check the this link out:


Which leads me to my next topic and that is the Overwatch community. My god these people are trolls in the truest form and toxic at that. Apparently, these guys know everything about the game. As a matter of fact, these are the same people who talk about Mercy getting nerfed because she is too OP. To be honest, it is this very community that is messing up everything for some of the game play aspects as well as the characters and how they function. I think Blizzard made a huge mistake by listening to the community because for one, there are way too many cry babies out there wanting this and that for the most asinine of reasons.

Don’t get it twisted, it is good when a company listens to make things better but Blizzard is taking it a little overboard and they are only listening to the Pro players instead of the community as a whole. Now I get it it would be nigh impossible to listen to everyone but just because you are a Pro player does not necessarily mean that you have the best judgement. Also Blizzard…didn’t YOU make the game? Don’t YOU know more about the game then anyone else? Don’t YOU know who needs a buff or a nerf best? I think you need to stop listening to the community and start making decisions on what YOU think is best because whats best for them might not be so for you. Here is a link to indulge on for more info:



The last thing that makes me really irritated is that there is no currency system within the game. Now you might be saying “Well you do get some coins from loot boxes” (Note: From time to time and not always so that doesn’t count) or “Yeah when you get duplicates of certain items which they give you coins for” (Note: again, not always and its never a lot). I am talking about when you finish a match no matter if you win or lose, you get some coins. Obviously enough if you win, you get more of them. Far Cry 5 has in game currency reward system which you can also purchase if you so desire. Call Of Duty has it as well, even Battleborn has in-game currency you get from missions. WHY DOES OVERWATCH NOT HAVE THAT?

I do not want to spend hours upon hours trying to get coins, I have a life too you know and I think it should be easy for us as players to get those skins if there was an established currency system and no, the loot box system does not count. I had this one person approach on an Overwatch forum and had the audacity to say these very words to me:

“It would not be far to place a currency system because it would give players a “cosmetic advantage” over other players, therefore, that is why there should not be a currency system in place”.

Yes this was a human being that said this to me. Here’s a link to a forum that discusses this in greater detail:


All and all, I really do like this game and it can shine. This game does bring a lot of innovation that not many games do and that is what makes the game different from everything else. However, I feel that it needs more work before it can actually be worthy of it really being called a great game. These little things can be remedied very easily if Blizzard would just get their heads out of their asses. Stop listening to the community so much and make the game what YOU really intended it to be, NOT what these so called “players” want. Make a full story of the game to EXPLAIN everything in its full glory. Explain how the “Omnic Crisis” happened WITHIN the game. I do not want to have to go through web comics online just to figure this out. Make it easier for players to get the skins, I do NOT want to have to wait for a season just to get a skin when it came out last season, make all skins available. Put a real currency system in place to reward players even more. Blizzard if you do these simple steps and just go forward with it, I bet you the game will be a lot better for the player experience as well as for your company.


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